Sunday, December 30, 2012

It's Autumn in the Indian Canyons

Autumn in the Indian Canyons, Palm Springs
Who says Palm Springs doesn't have seasons? On the valley floor oasis in Indian Canyons autumn occurs from mid-late December, a time when the leaves on deciduous trees turn bright yellow.

The sight of the leaves changing from the mountain above is stunning--an escape from the hum-drum desert landscape.

The Indian Canyons is located at the end of South Palm Canyon. The land is run by the Agua Caliente tribe. The charge to get is is $9 for an adult.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Truck with Bumper Stickers in Palm Springs

Tuck with bumper stickers and Colorado license plate  in Palm Springs.

This is the time of year you see the snowbird's vehicles. This truck--a truck with bumper stickers--gives us a narrative of the snowbird who owns it.

Consider the slogans printed boldly on the bumper stickers on this truck parked in the parking lot across the street from Liberace's former Palm Springs residence.


Well this a win for personal expression?  Who knows? But it sure is good blogging material. 

Sunday, December 23, 2012

What's Up with the Welwood Library Downtown?

There used to be a librarian sitting inside the entrance to the Welwood Library at the corner of Tahquitz and Palm Canyon in downtown Palm Springs

The Wellwood Library sounds like a great escape from the hustle and bustle of downtown Palm Springs, but it's never open. What's up with that?

The only news you can find about the opening of the Wellwood Library is vague, to say the least. The only other information we get about the library is on a nearby plaque:

By 1938 the City's incorporation issue was ready for a community referendum and residents voted in favor of incorporation. Just prior to the election the Library Board again contacted George Welwood Murray seeking to persuade him to donate the Tahquitz/Palm Canyon corner as a permanent public library site and memorial to his father. Community leaders Francis Crocker and Nellie Coffman were both in favor of theis gift and tried to sway Mr. Murray in his decision. Murray told Crocker that if incorporation passed and the City agreed to take permanent control of the Library's operations, and if the site would remain as a memorial to his father, he might be persuaded to donate the desire corner to the new City...

Wait...there is some information about a Save the Welwood Library at a website that details a 1980s lawsuit regarding the library. It's fairly convoluted and you'd need a lawyer sitting next to you to understand it.

Wouldn't it behoove the city to reopen the library. Now that the downtown plan regarding the property caddy corner to the library has been solved, the Welwood Murray Library reopening issue, if addressed, would get one more building occupied and filled with people.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Decorate a Bicycle for Christmas and More

Man who decorates his bicycle and rides around Palm Springs with his dog hitched to the back.
 Only in Palm Springs would someone decorate his bicycle for Christmas, attach a "sleigh" on wheels to it, have his dog hop on wearing a pair of antlers, and ride around Palm Springs neighborhoods.

You may have spotted this guy before, either on the road or at the Palm Springs Festival of Lights Christmas parade. He's never without his dog and always full of holiday cheer.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Panning the Camera in Palm Springs

Panning a shot of a bicyclist

If you ever want a good shot of passersby on bicycles or any other quick-moving vehicles, set your shutter to about 1/30 seconds and follow the subject while the shutter is open. Panning the camera in Palm Springs is a great way to isolate moving objects so that you can create movement blur in the background, causing the subject to pop out at you.

Bike riding is slowly outstripping playing golf as the recreational activity in Palm Springs.
The number of people who play golf is slowly dwindling as Palm Springs becomes better known for other outdoor activities such as biking, hiking and playing soccer, the later increasing in popularity both because more young people are participating in the sport instead of baseball and football and the growing Mexican population who play the sport at parks throughout the city.

As the golf courses starve for customers, what will become of them if they go out of business years into the future?

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Looking West on Palm Canyon

If you are looking west on Palm Canyon , you'll find the exit to the city of Palm Springs. Go all the way west and you'll run into Highway 10.

This shot is near Ramon. West of here is downtown, where the 26-foot statue of Marylin rises.

The palm trees lining Palm Canyon looking west were planted almost a century ago. Many of the mid-century modern buildings on Palm Canyon Drive, built in the 1950s and 1960s, are mixed with Spanish style edifices with red tile roofs, an architectural marvel to some, not much of anything to others.

Palm Springs is a small town of around 50,000 people, yet the area has all the amenities of a city that is much larger. The locals love tourists so come on'll find plenty to do from hiking the Indian Canyons to climbing to 8000 feet on the tram--an outdoors man's paradise.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Playing Monopoly Las Vegas in Palm Springs

People playing Monopoly Las Vegas in Palm Springs
Monopoly Las Vegas made its way to the back of the vendor booths at the Thursday night street fare in Palm Springs recently.

Playing that game looks as good as going to the street fair itself. Okay, some people would rather watch paint dry. In order to play Monopoly you've got to love Monopoly. 

Were you aware there are also Monopoly games based on New York City, Boston and Brooklyn? Why not Palm Springs? Surely Hasbro can conjure up something after the execs of the company see this image taken in Palm Springs.

Just in case if you didn't know the original Monopoly game is based on Atlantic City. Hurricane Sandy blew the huge replica of the Atlantic City Monopoly board out to sea.

As a kid I didn't want Boardwalk and Park Place; I wanted Baltic Avenue and, yeah, Mediterranean Avenue. Hmm, living in the Demuth Park neighborhood, I might just have it in the Palm Springs Monopoly: Sunny Dunes, Avenida Evelita, El Placer, or Mesquite. Homes are cheap and the houses, well..just aren't the same as those in Las Palmas or Movie Colony.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Do Gold's Gym and Chick-fil-A Have Something in Common?

Gold's Gym jumps on the anti-gay-marriage bandwagon.
Do Gold's Gym and Chick-fil-A have something in common? Are the two business conglomerates  on the same anti-gay-marriage path, their CEOs giving millions to organizations and candidates that support the idea of marriage being solely between a man and a woman? It's looking that way.

Robert Rowling, the Texan CEO of Gold's Gym apparently hit a foul ball for the home team, which is the GLBT community, one of the largest customer bases of his popular business. Smoozing up to Karl Rove, Rowling whipped up $2 million for Rove's American Crossroads organization, which works darn hard to get the no-marriage-for-gays repealed in every state it can.

Gold's Gyms in the Bay Area have removed themselves of the name, opting for SF Fitness, which leaves the Gold's Gym enterprise absent from the City by the Bay.

Spokespeople for Gold's gym have said (according to the Huff Post) that they "in no way do they support anti-gay causes."

The fragile situation seems to be confined to the Bay Area gyms. Will the storm come to Palm Springs? The future is ours to see.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

A New Business in Town--Criag 4G

New Craig 4G store on Palm Canyon in downtown Palm Springs
It seems as if every time you turn around another new business has opened in downtown Palm Springs. This place is Craig 4G, right in the heart of the city. Now you must be thinking...what in the world is Craig 4G?

Evidently, the store sells boxes that access the Internet at high speeds--broadband speeds. Speedy, indeed.

The device is kind of like a cell phone without the phone part, giving you access to the new 4G Internet service. 

You buy the box for about $100 and then pay $30 for the speedy Internet service that's given to you via cell phone towers. You can get the speediest Internet connection if you sign up for their premium service for about $45 a month.

Hmmm. Why would you want a box instead of a cell phone with a camera that takes great pictures too? How long do you think this business will last? Hope it's a long time as Palm Canyon needs as many stable businesses as it can get for the long-term.

You think it will be there next year?