Thursday, June 28, 2012

Man in White Glasses

Man in white glasses on Palm Canyon in Palm Springs

I stopped this man on the street to take his picture. I really liked his glasses. I let him know that right after I asked to take the shot.  The white frames are a perfect match for his white hair.

He was more than happy for me to take his picture. One good aspect of Southern California's swank hangouts (like Palm Springs and Hollywood) is that people actually like their picture taken.

When I see people dress to the nines I always ask then take a shot. Rarely have I been turned down for a picture request from a person who wears fascinating attire.

I'm grateful for that.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Cool Creamy Summer Drink

Now that it's over 100 degrees everyday, go down to Shields Date Garden and have a date shake. Drink one of those and you'll be full for hours.

For the past two days I've been shooting the date farms and gardens in Thermal and Coachella. If you've never been out there, it's beautiful.

Once you get to Thermal, drive toward the mountain down Harrison past 60th Ave. Keep going down Harrison and you'll get to not only huge date farms but also areas where grapes, strawberries and corn are grown. Who would have known?

The juxtaposition of the pastel brown soil against rows of bright green strawberry plants behind which huge date palms tower is stunning. Once you're done driving the back roads, head to Sheild's Date Garden.

Don't take Highway 10, but stay on the local roads north that are close to the mountain for scenic views of the farmlands and date palms.

Once you get to Shields, order a date shake at the retro counter, a flashback to the 1950s. The place has been there for years and sells every kind of date there is. Indulge in the free samples. Try them all and you'll get a sugar rush that suddenly gives you a burst of energy.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Palm Spring's Got Style

If you're ever strolling down Palm Canyon and want to see more than just shops and restaurants, turn, and walk toward the mountain. After a five minute stroll you'll find yourself in the Las Palmas neighborhood where estate-like houses hide under the mountain's shadow.

Among the homes are inns, lodges, spas and boutique hotels that, when you walk inside, are blessed with either mid-century modern or Hollywood Regency styles. It's here where the celebrities hide--Brad Pitt, George Cloney, Johnny Depp, Ozzy Osbourne, Prince and Paris Hilton. Depp is known to have a liking for the mid-century modern style, as he shows up at some of the swanky modern shows in Los Angeles.

If you live here, you come to recognize the names Viceroy, Del Marcos, Korakia and the Orbit Inn. These small hotels offer glamor you can savor from the fine food at Spencer's to the party atmosphere at the Viceroy bar.

Stroll down one tree-shaded street and work your way to others and you'll get a peek at the Palm Springs of the rich and famous. Most of the hotels will welcome you with open arms if you want to see the lobby or a room. When inside you'll be taken back to the days of Frank Sinatra and Tipi Hedren (The Birds) and a host of retro sights and sounds that will make you never want to leave.