Old Cans in the Desert

Bell Tower off Tahquitz

Cool Plant

Palm Springs High Football Players

Spa Casino

Palm Springs Hot Springs

Hippies in Palm Springs

Bird House

Palm Springs Fire Department

Vintage Auto Central

Palm Springs Christmas Tree

Roses in December

Aloha Hotel

What's Happening in 1945

The Chi Chi

Angel View Thrift Mart

Palm Springs Gold

Gerald "Our" Ford

Hot, Red Mustang

Religion in Palm Springs

Palm Springs Landing Strip

Empty Food Court

Tiki Tiki

Decorated for Xmas?

Desert Lodge A Frame

Stein Mart

Moorten Botinical Garden


Palm Springs Fountain

Palm Springs Googie Architecture

Dog or Horse?

My Chauffeur Lives Here


Camera Trick

Palm Springs Veteran's Day Parade

29 Palms Stud Haircut

Old Car

Dog in Stroller

Big Men Shakin' It

Airport Restroom

Palm Springs Gay Pride Parade

Bye Bye Retro Sign

Hot Guys in Palm Springs

The Birds in Palm Springs

Lone Woman Walking

Airport Fountain

Fall Scarecrow

Retro Costume

Autumn and Unautumn

Old Palm Springs Fire Engine