Tennis Anyone?

Okay, so Palm Springs is known for golf, but it also has beenn known to be a tennis-lover's paradise.

That sport isn't as popular as it once was here, but we still do get the Pacific Life Open, the tournament that started in Indian Wells in the early 1980s. (Indian Wells is another city in the area.)

The saddest part of the demise of tennis with respect to the area's resorts was the closing of the Racquet Club Hotel and Tennis Club.

Back in Palm Springs' heyday all the movie stars used to play there (that would be in the 1950s).

Come on now, can you name some movie stars that came to Palm Springs back then?

Tell us Daily Photo Bloggers, who were the stars that loved Palm Springs?

If not, go here--

BTW--the tennis court pic above is taken from above the mountain just to the east of downtown Palm Springs.


  1. A clear and sharp photograph. Oh, I like your banner photo very much.

  2. I saw some movie stars there in 1952. They were walking downtown and were in the open air post office where I was at the time.

    That was a long time ago.

    Abraham Lincoln
    Brookville Daily Photo

  3. Who wouldn't like Palm Springs? Nice place.


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