The Palm Springs Rabbit

Rabbit in Palm Springs
If you're a resident of Palm Springs, surely you've seen this type of rabbit. If you live near an area that has any vacant land near or around it, including golf courses, then you know this type of rabbit.

They're especially plentiful on the golf courses that extend from Golf Club Drive near Cathedral City to Sunrise in Palm Springs.

Perhaps your first guest as to what type of rabbit this is was a jackrabbit. We have those to, but the rabbit in the image above is not a jackrabbit. Its ears and body are too small. Jack rabbits live further into the desert. You might see one in South Palm Springs near Indian Canyons.

How about a cottontail rabbit. Were you thinking that? Well...if you were you're close. The rabbit in the image above is a desert cottontail rabbit, pretty common in the Colorado Desert (not Mohave) where we are located.

Desert cottontails like to be near golf courses because they eat grass. Their main predator is the coyote, which also can be found in Palm Springs.

If you want to see these animals, take a hike at Indian Canyons in South Palm Springs.

You might also catch a glimpse of them near downtown by walking southeast  on Palm Canyon  towards Sunny Dunes.

Look for roadrunners too. They're beautiful. 


  1. Really interesting. Don't think about rabbits in Palm Springs!

  2. Date Palm Country Club has a beautiful colony of desert cottontails and roadrunners.. the bunnies have been coming out in droves hopping around all throughout the day morning to night, it's really beautiful and an amazing sight to enjoy, being that all the rabbits of the particular species in discussion seem to really be thriving and appear to be very healthy, as well as living freely uncompromised by human curiosity/ interaction.. same goes for the ducks, roadrunners, and the breathtakingly fascinating multiple lizard species, that community is extremely understanding and amazing when it comes to our environment, our wildlife and the well being of the multiple species that allow us to share and inhabit this land together, 2 thumbs up


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