Dolly Way Back When; President in 2024


Dolly Parton on tour at Fantasy Springs Casino in 2007. Photo by Matthew Bamberg

Way, way back some two decades ago, I was asked to photograph a Dolly Parton concert. The photographers had been barred off from getting that close. That was strange. (Oops wrong Dolly).

She performed in twenty-eight concerts, including one in  Indio at Fantasy Springs Casino on Feb. 16, 2007. I was there.

All  I could find of Dolly Parton's image  is a low res image of her on my Google Drive. To be sure, there's softness (blur) in the photo. That's because I had a lousy zoom lens by Tamron that didn't work well. The enlargement of the photo didn't help it either. 

Take a look at Dolly's set list for the concert. 

Here's a story about An Evening with Dolly Parton tour. more thing all of the images on her website are soft also. 

I do love Dolly; if she were running for president, I'd vote for her. 

 Dolly for President

I love Dolly. Hello Dolly! 

I love Barbara too.