Party Weekend Over--Get Ready for Next Week's

Bella Da Ball and Mrs. Barone at Palm Springs Art Museum fundraiser party
This weekend you probably saw parties everywhere, even attending one or two, a party weekend in Palm Springs, indeed. At the new Hard Rock hotel the younger generation was having a pool party upstairs in connection with Coachella, while the older one was having an art party fundraiser down below.

The place lived up to its name. It was rockin'.

The art party was a bit of a disappointment.  Crowds of people gathered around small canvas art pieces that were hung on the wall, each for sale at $99 a pop.

The artists who created the pieces were anonymous, except for a list of their names on the program.
You had the chance to buy a piece painted or photographed by Suzanne Sommers and the like or from an ordinary, everyday artist.

The pieces that shouted out the maze of small squares on the wall, were those with the brightest and boldest colors. Hmm. Would that be a hint a celebrity made it?

Crooner Tony Bennett painted one too. Don't know who got it. Don't know what it'd be worth.

Have any guesses?

Can't wait for next weekend when Coachella's second week of acts comes to town. Anyone know of any other parties in Palm Springs? 


  1. Sad to have missed it this year, but who isn't looking forward to having a great time in and around palm springs duting Coachella? Next year I will be sure to attend and check out some of these parties as well


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