Thursday, May 17, 2007

Psychedelic Palm Springs

Shot this a few years back at a mid-century modern store here. It's a light box.

Reminds me of an acid trip. Timothy Leary dropped the tiny tabsand lived to the ripe old age of 75 or 76. I think I'll live to that age without the trips, though.

Not to say that I hadn't tried the stuff before.

During an acid trip, the person who you trip with will float his hands in front of your face to see if you see "trails." My guess is that the picture above might be the "trails" you see in one of those acid trips.

So funny that rarely do people these days talk about drugs (except if you're in an NA meeting).

Well, those days certainly are a piece of history and gone forever.

People in Palm Springs most certainly took part in the drug culture. If you go to the Indian Canyons here, in the Welcome Center at the foot of the trail that runs thought the canyons, they have pictures of people from the 60s who went to the canyons to go to love-ins. A love-in was where people made love in public, not to mention smoke a little reef and drop a little acid.

Just a bit of history here as to find info like this on the Internet is difficult because no one wants to talk about nor remember it.

It was a truly unique time, and a time when many participated in these "naughty" activities.

Palm Springs was and still is a kind of "naughty" place.

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