Cleaner Air for the Third World

Hop on a bus in Palm Springs and you can go just about anywhere in the Coachella Valley. Here's a just in case you decide to do so.

Sun Busses are powered with natural gas, which makes them a whole lot cleaner burning than buses that run on gasoline.

Hate to get political here, but if we took all the money that we've spent on the war in Iraq and used it, instead, to buy clean-burning busses for all the third world's cities (the old ones most have now spew all kinds of black soot into the air), maybe just a little less global warming would be happening.


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  2. I like your good intention, but if you think better, the Third world, as you say, it isn't the only guilty about global warming, and we don't live in the trees anymore. We use natual gas in many cars many years ago. Visit my dp blog and you can see:


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