Friday, April 20, 2012

Is the Cool Weather Over for Good?

Marine layer on the edge of Palm Springs.

Can we say goodbye to the marine layer's cooling effects for the next seven months? It's over 100 degrees in Palm Springs today and people are not used to it yet.

 Will there be more? The answer is yes, and a whole lot more, but don't fret yet, as we'll get some cooling here and there up until June as the the "June Gloom" sets in on the coastline, pushing cooler air into Palm Springs.

 After June, it will be hot, hot, hot. We get temperatures of about 112 degrees every day with hot spells pushing the thermometer up past 120.

 That's not all the bad news. Palm Springs had one of the highest early morning low temperatures in the world. On July 13, 1985 the low temperature in Palm Springs was 105 degrees. Ouch!