Monday, May 7, 2007

Frank Sinatra House

Couple of years ago I wrote an article about the Twin Palm house, a house Frank Sinatra once lived in in Palm Springs.

I remember driving there and finding it hard to locate. I had to enter a gated community of Spanish style homes. Then, right before my eyes, was a yard with two large palm trees. It was the front of the Twin Palms House hidden among the community of Spanish-style homes.

Inside there was much to surprise me, including a swimming pool shaped like a grand piano.

The biggest surprise of all turned out to be a tape recorder found in between the walls there. Read about that here.


  1. Well, you made a tidy little profit on that house; good for you! No-one can sing like Sinatra. There are many other fine vocalists, but none can hold a candle to the likes of Ella and Frank!!

  2. The photo looks familiar. I used to watch him and others performing in Las Vegas.

    I thought your narrative was very interesting.

    I got to fly last night. I mean I just dove in and flew. You can find out how on my blog post today.


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