Monday, February 6, 2012

Palm Springs Swimming Pool Number 7

Today's swimming pool comes with an article I wrote (click on swimming pool) describing swimming pool choices. Pools here cost about 10,000 for an average one, up to 50,000 for a hot tub infinity pool.

After all, what's better than sitting by the pool with a large, cold drink (beware of Palm Springs' favorite, the martini) surfing the Internet with your Apple iPad 2?

There is danger in this activity--sunburn, which you probably know can cause cancer down the line. You need sunscreen (SPF 15 at least) a hat and sunglasses. Even if you take these precautions, staying out in the sun all day, you'll be sorry. Don't sit in the sun for too long--an hour or two at most--because you're skin will fry, leaving blisters and burns.