Monday, February 13, 2012

Palm Springs Pool Number 4

Here's a shot that has feeling like you're in a Palm Springs. It's easy to take--just set your camera on the ledge and snap, you've got the water filling the bottom of your frame. This pool is in the Versailles condo complex, the back of which faces Palm Canyon on the south end of the city.

How many swimming pools in Palm Springs? Let's take some wild guesses to figure how many pools there are in Palm Springs. There are 52,000 people living here. Let's say that an average of 10 people live in each dwelling (houses and condo complexes). That leaves us with 5,200 single-family homes/multi-family condo complexes. Now speculate that 75 percent of these properties have swimming pools. That leaves us with 3900 pools.

So, would you believe that there are anywhere from 2500-4000 swimming pools in Palm Springs?