Thursday, February 23, 2012

Palm Springs Swimming Pool Number 3--the Sagauro

The latest must-go destination in Palm Springs is the Saguaro Hotel. Born from its sister hotel in Scottsdale, AZ, this is the most colorful building in Palm Springs.

The hotel's management had a tough time getting the city to accept these colors, a far flung detour from the browns that overtake the city's skyline to match the towering mountain behind.

Sporting two reasonable-priced restaurants under a near-perfect minimalist design, this hotel is sure to remove this tainted property from the jinxed list--a blessing for both locals and tourists alike who crave the stylistic in any color, shape or form.  

The hotel follows another recent success story the building housing Lulu's downtown, once spooked by a series of business failures. Both sites redefine Palm Springs as a modern carnival-like destination where tapas and minimalism replace steak and golf.

So far so good for the Saguaro--it's packed most weekends as everyone is curious about the new color that's been added to Palm Springs.