Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Bad Dogs in Dream Homes

Oh boy! That's what I say to myself after yesterday's impromptu photo shoot.

I decided I'd ride my bike to the Dream Homes neighborhood of Palm Springs. I had heard that there were some really cool mid-century modern proporties there.

Yes, there were a few, however the neighborhood is filled with dogs--bicycle-chasing dogs.

After I rode around for 15 minutes trying to find that perfect home with a butterfly roof or floor to ceiling glass or any other fixture that sang 50s architecture, I found little. But I was found, found by a pack of vicious dogs.

They chased me for several blocks showing their teeth and nipping at my leg. I rode faster and faster. But they still kept chasing me. Must of been 15 of them.

They only stopped when one of the people that lived in the neighborhood ran his car close to them.

He went and phoned animal control and I felt blessed that the nips didn't turn into bites.

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  1. Where is the "Dream Homes" neighborhood? I'll make a point of avoiding it because I have a (not so) irrational fear of dogs attacking me with no impervious owner in sight.


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